Half-Day Introduction to HPDE

If you are unsure if a full 2-day High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) weekend is for you, but would like to sample the HPDE experience to find out more, we also offer a “DE Lite” version of the weekend HPDE, a Half-Day Introduction to HPDE (typically) on Sunday run as a sub event within the instructed 2-day HPDE event (typically at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course). This introduction consists of five (5) segments pulled from the beginning portion of the full 2-day HPDE program:

  1. Registration and Tech (of the car you plan to drive on track) starting 9:30am.
  2. A classroom session in the late morning on Sunday introducing you to how HPDEs are run to have safe fun.  (You will need to be at the track 60-mimutes prior to classroom session to register, sign waivers, tech your car, and locate classroom.  Registration, Tech, and Classroom are mandatory.)
  3. An optional “paced” touring lap session (run at safe highway speeds without passing or helmets) with you driving your car on track during the Sunday lunch break of the primary HPDE event. Also know as touring laps. Planned for 3-4 laps.
  4. An optional early afternoon run group on track orientation session in which a few orientation laps are run at modest HPDE pace, in a DE-Lite run group session, with you riding shotgun (wearing helmet*) in your Instructor’s car driven by your Instructor.
  5. An optional early afternoon run group session in which you wearing a helmet, with you Instructor sitting right seat, will go out on track in your Tech’d car for a brief HPDE session. Planned for 3-4 laps under Yellow Flag (you learn more about that in the classroom).

This program consists of similar introductory classroom instruction and the introductory orientation track laps a beginner (D – Green) student in a full instructed 2-day HPDE run group would receive, but then it concludes, with hopefully you wanting more! We then encourage you to register for the next full instructed 2-day program at our next HPDE event weekend.

DE-Lite Event Schedule on Sunday (Aug 14, 2022) subject to change and HPDE weekends run rain or shine, but optional DE-Lite sessions may be subject to weather delays or cancellation.

MORPCA Tech Form

If you would rather just start with the full 2-day HPDE event, even if you are a a first timer to HPDE, you can learn more and find a link to register for the full 2-day event at the MOR Web Site” or at Club Registration Web Site and search for Mid-Ohio region events.

  • *Instructor driven orientation (you riding shotgun) run group session REQUIRES you wear a helmet.  MORPCA has some loaner helmets available for this purpose, but in limited numbers and sizes.  If you do not reserve a helmet in your size with MORPCA, you will need to borrow one (typically from an HPDE driver at the event that you know – and one that fits). 
  • Closed toe shoes, long pants, and long sleeves as a minimum are for any HPDE on track session (cotton clothing is highly recommended).  Read more about HPDE minimum guidelines here:  HPDE Guidelines.