Membership Benefits

As a MORPCA member, in addition to DOS and Panorama newsletters, below highlights other benefits of MORPCA and PCA membership.

The club has many Porsche related activities throughout the year, and DOS along with our web site and our emails, are a great source of scheduling information about club events.

  • We host monthly Business meetings that all members are welcome to attend and introduce yourself to the board members, chairpersons, & other members in attendance and share your Porsche ownership story.
  • For new and active members, we encourage attendance at the New Member Social where you and a guest are encouraged to attend and meet other like-minded enthusiasts and hear more about what the club has planned for the seasons.
  • Through out the year we have indoor Tech sessions in the cooler months, evening Social gatherings in the warmer months, and a year end Holiday Party.
  • The club holds multiple High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Autocross (AX) events around the central Ohio area.  We also host a national PCA Club Race up at Mid-Ohio, which is a great way to experience fun volunteering and being an insider to auto racing at the amateur level.
  • In late mid/late summer, we have a nationally recognized “Casual gathering of Porsches” under the car show trademark P2O® which encapsulates the idea of Porsches to Ohio.  A low-key weekend car show in central, OH that has drawn hundreds of Porsches from around North America to the gathering.  P2O® over the years has generated over $50,000 in charitable contributions to the central Ohio community and adds to that yearly.
  • The club also has Drive and Dines in the warmer months and has hosted Porsche Corrals up at Mid Ohio’s public events like IMSA sports car, historic, or Indy Car weekends.

So as you can see the Mid-Ohio Region of PCA (2017 Region of the Year) is an active regional PCA club that has a full plate of activities from which you can choose to attend and even volunteer for. As many have said, it is not just about the cars, it’s the people. We look forward to seeing you and your affiliate member at an upcoming MORPCA event.

Sincerely yours,
MORPCA President
MORPCA Membership Chairperson
MORPCA Communications Chairperson