The club uses many methods to communicate with the membership.

NewsletterDie Offene Strasse (The Open Road)
Mid-Ohio Region has a long tradition of excellence in its newsletter, Die Offene Strasse. Published monthly, DOS brings together a compendium of news and information to keep you informed, involved, and enthusiastic about the club and its activities.  Articles about upcoming activities, reports of past events, and special features appear regularly. Recurring features include a message from the club’s president, a calendar of events, a membership and anniversary report, and the MOR Marketplace.

Direct Email
To supplement the newsletter, given the nature of event planning, the Club also leverages direct emailing to all members, or a subset of Club members (and also to past non Club event participants), with event specific emails on a regular basis. To insure the continued receipt of emails from your regional Club, make sure your National PCA account information, especially a valid email address, is current and correct. As that is a key source of determining a valid email address to reach you. You can always opt-out / unsubscribe from receiving emails at multiple levels. If you are not receiving regional Club emails and would like to, please use the Contact page (web page menu header item above) to let us know.

Web Site (
If you are reading this, you have successfully found and navigated to the Club’s website (hosted by PCA National).  The intent of the region’s website is to be a reference and historical online digital location for Club members to access various content.  Looking for upcoming events, click on the Calendar.  Have a question for a Club Board Member, click on Contact.  Looking for past information on events or the latest newsletter, click on Communication > Newsletter to access digital PDF versions to the latest and past digital versions of newsletters going back years.
Wondering what else is on the web site, feel free to explore all the tabs.  Think there is Club content not currently hosted on the web site that will be of interest to Club members, let us know (Contact).

Google Calendar –
Do you use an online calendar on you computer or handheld device?  Want to stay informed of upcoming Club events?  You can subscribe to the above Google email account’s Google Calendar, which is the official Club Calendar.  Give it a try and stay automatically informed.
Instructions to follow a Google Calendar on your device.
You may also want to check out PCA’s National Calendar too to learn about upcoming events nationally and in other regions.

Facebook Group – Mid Ohio Region PCA (A private group, permission required to join) Follow and request to join the Club’s official Private Facebook Group.

Instagram – MORPCA
Follow the CLub’s Instagram account for an ever changing collection of photos from past MORPCA events taken by Club members.

MORPCA Social Media Policy – Learn more about the proper use of social media as it relates to MORPCA here.

National and Corporate

Porsche Panorama
Published monthly, Porsche Panorama—the “Pano”—is the national club magazine that keeps all informed and involved. Every dues-paying member of the PCA receives a copy.  Digital copies were introduced in 2016 with an accompanying APP.  The Pano tradition of excellence continues to the present day, rivaling the best car magazines and regularly out-scooping them on matters Porsche. Panorama produces a prodigious amount of technical and service information to help members keep on top of service issues and upgrades. The Porsche scene is covered in depth, with articles about racing events, new product development, and the history and tradition of the marque. Region events are covered, and there are pages of “for sale/wanted to buy” cars/parts/memorabilia to peruse.  In 2017 PCA started providing a digital version of Pano to members via an APP.

Since 1952 Christophorus Porsche Magazine, the magazine for Porsche enthusiasts, has chronicled the Porsche Story as a bimonthly publication from Porsche AG’s press department. The magazine is considered to be one of the finest in-house publications of the automotive industry. Its distinguished history was conceived and placed in motion by Richard von Frankenberg. This early Porsche driver provided a connection to the “early years” that lent a special flavor to the writing. That tradition of excellence continues to the present. Today, each issue is an instant collector’s item. Christophorus can be obtained directly from Porsche or through your local Porsche dealer. in 2017 Christophorus became available to read online / digital.