Roadway Events

Drive & Dine

The most casual type of Porsche club event, where a small group of enthusiasts pick a regional destination and a starting point to gather at.  Typically a route is defined and the destination involves dining (lunch or dinner).  Enjoy the drive in your Porsche on the engaging or scenic roadways in the area and enjoy a meal with friends (old and new).


(on hiatus until a Chair / enthusiast steps forward)

The purest form of automobile competition that anyone can afford is a rally. No special vehicle preparation is required and normally takes a driver and navigator to compete. These events may include fun rallies, where you just follow a predetermined course, answer questions along the way or collect things along the way. There is the pure time, speed, distance rally in which participants are to follow a certain course at varying speeds for a certain distance to arrive at a precise time. There are always different classifications for levels of competence and equipment in rallies. You are encouraged to participate in rallies just to meet other club members and, by all means, have a good time.