Welcome to the revised Mid-Ohio Region Porsche Club of America website

Latest CoverTo the left you will see the cover page of the latest regional Newsletter (Die Offene Strasse – DOS), click on it to access the latest newsletter and all its associated content in digital form.  To the right is the region’s agenda-style listings of our regional events, below our agenda is our Instagram feed and relevent RSS news feeds of interest.  In the footer are more Instagram feeds of interest and in the menu header above are links to other menu choices to locate additional MORPCA content that may be of interest to you on a variety of regional and national topics.

The club has many Porsche related activities throughout the year, and DOS, along with this web site mor.pca.org, our Facebook Group, our Instagram Group (@morpca),  the public Google master event Calendar (activities.morpca@gmail.com), and our announcement emails, are a great source of scheduling information about upcoming club events and breaking news.

The Mid-Ohio Region of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) is an active regional PCA club that has a full plate of activities from which you can choose to attend and even volunteer for, and was so recognized as with the 2017 Region of the Year. As many have said, it is not just about the cars, it’s the people.  We look forward to seeing you and your affiliate member at an upcoming MORPCA event.

Sincerely yours,
Steve EisenbrownMORPCA President
Linda Grossglass – MORPCA Membership Chairperson
Kevin Hennessy – MORPCA Communications Chairperson