Brickyard HPDE


Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS)

October 16/18, 2020

C19 is impacting IMS 2020 dates we now have a new date for 2020 – all of this is still subject to change

Yes you are reading this correctly, INDY Baby! MORPCA is working plans for its exclusive 3-day PCA HPDE weekend event at the world famous Brickyard, the only such PCA HPDE event at the Brickyard. We will be running the Indy road course, crossing the start finish Brickyard strip on the main straight. We may offer a modified Indy GP road course to mix it up a bit (F1 Loop – 5A).

This will be a Fully Instructed HPDE (subject to change). Registrants will have to meet minimum* Beginner HPDE experience requirements (that being at least one other HPDE event at one other track). If new to HPDE, MORPCA is offering opportunities to get that minimum experience in before Indy. Check out MORPCA’s other HPDE events for first times on Club Registration.

Registration will open to all in the Spring. There is no PCA membership or Porsche only requirements, but all cars regardless of make, need to pass MORPCA Tech Requirements for safety.

Track Time

Event Organizers are looking at 3 to 4 on track sessions per run group each day with a session blocked out for 20-25-minutes inclusive of on track time, pit out and pit in time, which should be sufficient for most drivers to receive 10 or more at speed laps per session. All subject to track operations, weather conditions, and pit out / pit in times.

Classic Run Group

We are finalizing plans to designated 1 of the 3 advanced solo run groups (AIx) as a Classic/Instructor (I/A) run group and will be limiting hp of cars assigned to that Advanced Solo expanded passing run group. So if you have a Vintage / Classic HPDE capable car you would like to DE @ the Brickyard in, sign up now!


MORPCA is again fortunate to have secured the services of Dan “Speedy” Clarke for Pro Coaching. If you have not yet had Dan sit right seat with you, it is well worth the modest fee. Or have Dan review your car’s set-up or data logging. Dan’s services can be reserved by contacting Dan directly at his website contact page: to secure your spot with Dan @ IMS and make a connection that could take you to the next level.

B Run Group:  First session on Friday morning will include Dan Clarke doing lead – follow at “modest” pace (for five (5)  follow cars at a time).  Dan will do 2-3 laps then pull into pit lane (every five minutes approximately) then pick up 5 more cars and head back out.  Will discuss in Friday’s drivers meeting more details. [may be revised in 2020]

Golf Carts and Pit Vehicles

Golf Cart rentals are not currently planned at this event. Any personal / private “powered” pit vehicle cannot be used on the IMS property, so best to leave it at home for this outing.


Between the GP garages (33 each holding a minimum of 4 cars) and the Oval garages (95) at Indy, there are a lot of garage spots at Indy.  The first ~200 to register will be assigned a random garage spot (unless you opt out by indicating on Club Reg that you are staying in the Gasoline Alley adjacent paddock with your “rig”).  Register early to secure a spot.

Have a special “spot” request, see event fee options on Club Reg when you register (first 200 paid registrations) for the event to make that “spot” preference known with optional fee purchase.

Parking support vehicles “in front” of garages is not possible, so be prepared for long distance unloading from paddock trailer parking to GP and Oval garages. Recommended method for load in with trailer, is to unload gear into tow vehicle (pickup / SUV / van) drive tow vehicle into garage spot (do not block access to alleys or other garages), unload gear, return to paddock, rinse, repeat, then drive track car to garage for weekend.   Cars and gear can be left in garage over night during the event weekend.  Remember pit vehicle / golf cart use between paddock and garage / pits is very very very restricted by IMS. See above.


Fuel will once again be provide by Brown’s Oil Service at the track, with a wide selection (90 Ethanol Free, 93 Premium, 98 SUNOCO, 100 SUNOCO, 104 SUNOCO, 110 SUNOCO LEADED) to select from. CC will be accepted. For special requests, contact supplier directly at: ask for Jamie.

Tow Hooks

IMS has a strong preference for vehicles on track to have tow hooks installed. Recovery from the track and gravel traps by IMS will be facilitated by having your tow hooks installed. Failure to install or have easily accessible tow points on you car (front and back) will delay track operations and may result in recovery damage to your vehicle. IMS and MORPCA are not responsible for any damage done to a vehicle by IMS’s recovery services regardless of fault.


Online registration will be on Club Registration and will open in the Spring. Don’t forget you can set an Event Reminder on Club Registration to follow the event registration page and to be notified when it opens.

Registrant Check-In on Thursday

Load-In, Tech, and Registration at the track from 4pm to 8pm on Thursday. This is mandatory to do 99% of all registrant check-in and Tech Inspections at the track on Thursday. Currently access to IMS on Friday morning will not be possible before 7:00 AM and the track goes hot at 8am. With this in mind, Friday morning there will be very limited tech and registration opportunities before 8am. If you live local and are commuting to IMS, we recommend that you make a special trip on Thursday, especially if you are in the Green(D), Yellow(C) or Blue(B) groups.

So plan to get your Mandatory Check-In and Tech Inspection done Thursday evening at the track or you could miss your Friday morning session(s).

Hours of access

IMS infield access will will open at 7am on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and closing at 9PM on Friday & Saturday, and closing 7PM on Sunday. The Track is hot from 8am to 6pm with only short breaks planned as needed for support staff.


New in 2020 we will be using TrackKeeper for real time schedule management and distribution.

Those with Apple devices can download the TrackKeeper app from the App Store:

Within the app users select – “Mid-Ohio Region PCA” – to view the latest schedule. Those with Non-Apple devices can view the same information on the web version:

Vistors of Drivers at Indy :

This event at Indy is a Private event, not open to the Public. The Museum (inside the Oval) may be open to the public and a view of a portion of the Indy GP Track can be seen from the Museum parking lot. IMS Yellow Shirts secure all areas outside of the Paddock area we are using.

No one is allowed in the Paddock area that is not preregistered as either: a MORPCA volunteer; an HPDE paid Driver; or preregistered and associated with a MORPCA volunteer or with a paid Driver.  All such vistors(s) will need to preregister prior to Thursday of the event, e-sign waivers online, and a display a wristband like Drivers.

C19 rules preclude Vistors arriving outside of Driver arrival times.  Plan accordingly.

C19 restrictions also preclude under 18.  Plan accordingly.

Preregistered Visitors not arriving in the same vehicle as a Driver will have to have their own Auto Hanging Tag. They will receive this when they sign the check-in with the Driver. They can then enter the paddock their Driver and park in Guest Parking (Turn 13). They cannot drive to garages and cannot park by garages. They cannot enter separate from their Driver.

Where to enter facility at Indy:

We will enter the Brickyard from the south entrance on 16th street, no exact street address for this entrance per se for GPS, but it is a well marked entrance also used for the Indy Museum @ 4790 W. 16th St. Indianapolis, IN 46222.

Event Hotel(s)

Residence Inn Indianapolis Airport ($105) – 5224 West Southern Ave.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Indianapolis Airport ($105 and up)- 5220 West Southern Ave.

Link to book your MORPCA group rate


Overnight infield camping / RV parking is not possible (too expensive), but two (2) very close alternatives:

The American Legion Hall #500’s parking lot lot on Georgetown Road west side of track does offer limited service RV sports for a fee and is open during our event, check out their web site for contact info and more details. Mention you are with the event at Indy, they are offering Thur/Mon (4 nights) with Electricity hookups, call for rate. The fee helps support the Legion Post.

(317) 244-9625 (Commander Johnette Lawson)

The IMS gravel lot directly across from the 16th Street entrance is open to use during our event for overnight camping (no services and no fee to use).

Future PCA Club Race – Possibilities:

MORPCA continues to work with PCA Club Race national officials, to explore various business models for hosting a PCA Club Race at IMS (as MORPCA is experience with hosting the PCA Club Race @ Mid-Ohio) in the future. To race at IMS is a different business model for IMS (see SVRA and SCCA registration counts [over 700-1000]) then an HPDE event (275-300 cars). We have gained tentative permission from IMS to host a PCA Club Race at IMS on the GP Road Course, but alas the typical Club Race fees paid by PCA racers at other venues will not be sufficient (at 250-300 PCA cars only) to cover the expenses of “racing at IMS”. PCA Club Race National officials will continue to socialize this idea with PCA Club Racers to gauge support for taking on a Club Race at IMS in the future. If “market” support is there, it will also not be a annual event (IMS contract restrictions), so it may be once every few years (ala “Rennsport”) if enough demand, or possibly one and done for the foreseeable future. So keep that in mind when considering the higher racer fee levels. Please share with MORPCA and National your interest in and thoughts on a PCA Club Race at IMS.

Videos of interest:

Dan Clarke 2014 911 Continental Series GP Course Lap and Coaching

2014 Tudor Full Race @ Indy

2014 Tudor Summary @ Indy

Take A Lap Around IMS Grand Prix course With Graham Rahal

More details will be found here as they are announced, so bookmark it & check back often and

especially before registering in the Spring on Club Registration.


Will C19 rules impact this years event operations and procedures?  Yes, but how exactly or if it will change is to early to tell.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes known / understood as the Oct date approaches.  Anticipate the focus is getting on track not social or guests.  Plan accordingly.  Remember we are all volunteers and we will keep the safety of drivers, instructors, volunteers, Yellow Shirts, and IMS staff our highest priority.

Do I have to be a regional MORPCA member to sign up? No, but you can join PCA at

Can I drive a non Porsche road worthy automobile in this Fully Instructed HPDE? Yes, any roadworthy coupe or sedan (no SUVs, Trucks, or open wheeled vehicles) that passes MORPCA Tech requirements can run at Indy.

Will MORPCA run a PCA Club Race at IMS? Not in this year, but we continue to explore the business model possibilities.

Will we get to drive the Oval? Yes, tentative plan is for Saturday late afternoon, 2 short run groups of touring laps (no passing, not racing), paced by IMS Yellow Shirts. At highway speeds for only HPDE drivers (not open to non HPDE drivers, but passengers over 18 would be allowed, thus without helmets) and their HPDE Tech’d cars to drive on the Oval course. This will be contingent on IMS operations permissions and entails shorting run group times to free up track time during the day to make time in the schedule, and there is a limit on the number of cars on track at the same time.