Register here for the next upcoming Autocross (AX) event in the 2019 season:

June 1June 23rd – July 14 – August 3

Tentative … August 11 (@ Brickyard / IMS)

We will only use email for contacting you about MORPCA events of interest, you can always opt out from emails.
If you need a loaner, let us know, will do our best to match size request with loaners, but YMMV.
Optional - If you have permanent numbers/stickers on your car already, please enter them here. Otherwise numbers will be assigned at the event registration desk upon arrival. Duplicates will be resolved day of - at track.
How Many AX events?

FORMS to Bring With You (can also be accessed on Autocross web page):

  1. AX Registration Form
  2. AX Tech Form